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Project 'Rangreza'

Oh dyer of mine, Dear Dyer of mine,

Tell me a thing that what blend have you created of your colors and water!

My heart is all blue in love so profound,

And my cape is soaked in saffron…


I like a stubborn asked you to color my veil in my lover’s color

Oh! Your colors dyed my fabric insanely

Deep within my heart ‘n soul everything is dyed of your color,

Color my heart away…

My beloved’s color, my soul mate’s shade,

My spring color, my autumn hue, my rainfall color


Dye my all seasons and moments with your color

Add a single drop of your love and color up my seven seas

Color me off limits, Color my boundaries,


Color me extreme, color my unceasing infinities,

My temple, my mosque, my entire world indeed

Oh dyer, why we are separated by two different worlds?


Paint just one single shade to both worlds with your embraces,

Paint every moment, the courtyards of my maternal and marital heavens


Paint every moment, drape all my moments in one a shade

Color my sleep, color my peace,

Color even the creases of my dreams...

 - Rajshekhar


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